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We are your trusty partner for ‘to and fro’ Cargo services to Europe and uae.

We Jenae logistics LLC cargo Services delivers several various cargo services to fit your desires in different ports of Europe. Europe is a continent where UAE has important strategic relationship that's why the cargo to Europe sector is for us. Whether you are during a rush or need to preserve on high volume transport, we’ve bought the service for you . We are UAE based mostly cargo service supplier and committed to providing its purchasers a first category transport service to completely different ports of Europe at a reasonably priced. And so services of cargo to Europe or cargo from Europe became natural revenue stream for associate formidable cargo company like us.

Jenae logistics packing is entirely capable to build a well-organized, cost-effective resolution that fits your actual desires and conjointly we tend to build business associations similarly as custom-made transport solutions. When there was a consolidation due to economic issues in Europe, Jenae logistics cargo served our customers UN agency send cargo to Europe well enough to be recognized as a number one cargo company in urban center.

Jenae logistics LLC is principally a service provider of:
  1. Cargo cargo Service
  2. Sea Freight Forward Service
  3. Container cargo Station Service
  4. Air freight
  5. Overland Transportation
  6. Door to door service
  7. Warehousing and distribution
  8. Procurement and outsourcing

Major European cargo hubs - Where we send cargo to Europe from Dubai-UAE

1. Brussels Airport

Brucargo is the dedicated cargo handling area of Brussels Airport and it has an effectively airfreight city in its own right. Passenger aircraft stands are linked via a tunnel under the runways, the hub experienced a cargo handling of seven lack nineteen thousand five hundred and sixty metric tones in 2006. Brucargo's geographical location is Specifically advantageous for succeeding trucking of goods across Belguim, through right of entry to a dense highway network that includes Europe's largest motorway interchange, situated less than One Kilometer away.

2. London Heathrow

Heathrow's cargo village is the fourth biggest Cargo ranked in Europe which is located in southern side of airport. The estimated measurement o cargo hub is 24 hectares and is home to BA World Cargo (BAWC).

The BAWC’s handling capacity is increased 67% by the latest hub. Basicaly it is used for handling of pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry products, and also to expanding its express mail operations.

3. Madrid-Barajas Airport

It is in 1994 Madrid-Barajas air cargo centre began its business. Madrid-Barajas is based at International Airport, located northeast of the city's centre which is the Spain's most important international and domestic airport, Barajas act as a gateway for Europe and the rest of the world, particularly Latin America, to the Iberian Peninsula.

4. Frankfurt Airport

Frankfurt remains Europe's largest freight airport, The rank of cargo city is in pole position above any other European airport in terms of cargo traffic. The quick and stable development has contributed to this achievement, with the hub currently taking tenure of an area previously used by the US military, which will expand its total land area to one hundred forty one hectares.